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Doom also teleports to the battle and unleashes his power against the Cabal and the surviving members of the life raft. Cyclops, powered by the Phoenix Force, confronts Doom and temporarily gains the upper hand. Doom recovers, snaps Cyclops' neck, and orders the invaders to surrender. Strange teleports the surviving members to safety. Enraged, Doom kills Strange with a blast of energy. After Sheriff Strange's funeral, Doom enters a realm located below Molecule Man's statue and talks to the real Molecule Man, who lives there. It is explained that the Beyonders were the originators of reality but eventually became harbingers of destruction.

The Molecule Man was unique across the multiverse: a being whose presence in each reality represented a sliver of a single inter-dimensional entity. The Beyonders would initiate the end of a particular reality by detonating that reality's Molecule Man. Doom, Strange and the Molecule Man had gathered Molecule Men from across the multiverse and combined them into a bomb, which they directed towards the unsuspecting Beyonders. The detonation killed the Beyonders and allowed the Molecule Man to absorb their power and channel it to Doom, who in turn created Battleworld.

Valeria's Justice Division of the Future Foundation prepares to hunt down the heroes. At the end of the issue, Thanos appears at the base of the Shield. Three weeks later, Battleworld is in disarray, with several kingdoms in open rebellion. Someone called "the Prophet" has formed an army against Doom, and has toppled the upper and lower kingdoms of Egyptia. The Foundation find the source of Doom's power and inform Valeria, who has become suspicious of her father. The Spider-Men meet Valeria, who chooses not to go with them. Valeria demands to know who killed Strange, and Peter confirms Valeria's suspicions that no one from the raft was responsible.

Using the Key of Agamotto given to them by Strange, they are given access to powerful items Strange had collected over the years, including the Siege Courageous and an Infinity Gauntlet that works only in Doomstadt. Thanos, who had been captured by the Hel-Rangers, talks to the sentient structure that forms the Shield a giant alternate version of Ben Grimm , and convinces him to reject Doom and rise, causing the Shield to fall down. The Prophet, who is revealed to be Maximus , marches his troops to Castle Doom. Baron Sinister takes the chance to turn against Baroness Pryor, but is subsequently struck down by the former Baron Apocalypse.

The Thor Corps joins the battle against Doom, as Jane Foster has managed to convince her fellow Thors to fight against their god.

Former Baron Maestro joins the battle with his army of Worldbreakers. The two Reed Richards use the fight ensuing on the steps of Castle Doom as cover to infiltrate the building and steal "the most valuable thing that's left from the Multiverse" from Doom. Black Panther and Namor travel to the Deadlands for reinforcements and Black Panther uses his title as the King of the Dead to convince the zombies to join the forces opposing Doom.

Mandalorian Wars

Chaos continues on the outskirts of Castle Doom. Maestro calls Doom out to face him but is met instead by the giant Ben Grimm, who is destroying everything in his path. Susan, Valeria and one of the Black Swans save Doom. Grimm continues his rampage until Franklin and Galactus arrive.

War in Heaven! Satan is at war against God and mankind.

Franklin reveals Doom is his father. Ben realizes Franklin is the son of Susan and allows the Franklin controlled Galactus to destroy him, rather than fight the boy. Susan bursts into tears, until Valeria asks Susan to come with her. Star-Lord manages to prick his Groot 'toothpick' into the World-Tree, causing the toothpick to merge with the tree to form a giant Groot. Doom arrives on the battlefield and gives Thanos a chance to be a Baron. Thanos refuses the offer as he believes he is already a god.

Doom rips out Thanos' skeleton. The battle continues until Captain Marvel spots the zombies coming from the remains of the Shield.

Susan does not recognize Mister Fantastic, and accuses him of being one of the "murderers" of Sheriff Strange. Mister Fantastic reveals that Doom killed the Sheriff. Mister Fantastic and Maker meet with Molecule Man, after which the Maker betrays Mister Fantastic by trapping him in a temporal bubble that devolves him into an ape.

Molecule Man intervenes, rescuing Mister Fantastic while splitting Maker into meat slices. Back on the battlefield, Doom realizes Black Panther's fight is a distraction, and teleports to Molecule Man's statue to confront Mister Fantastic. Doom tries to use his powers to destroy his rival, but he finds that Molecule Man has taken away most of his abilities so that the confrontation between the two is fair. Mister Fantastic and Doom face off, and Doom, exclaiming of how it always comes down to him and Mister Fantastic like this, begins to gain the upper hand by mocking Mister Fantastic for, as the genius he is, not finding a way to save the entire Multiverse, but Mister Fantastic counters by calling Doom out for his insecurity, as the first thing that Doom did when he obtained the Beyonders' powers was to steal Mister Fantastic's life and family.

Doom confesses that Mister Fantastic would have done a better job with the power.

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In the wake of the destruction, Black Panther uses the Reality Gem to recreate, and teleport himself to Wakanda. There, he finds three Wakandan prodigies to whom he tasks with granting wisdom to the stars. Miles Morales awakens on the restored Earth now known as Marvel's Earth Prime, along with his friends and his mother who was brought back to life by Molecule Man as gratitude for giving him a hamburger. Still shaken by the recent events, Miles goes on patrol with Peter as Spider-Man. In Latveria, Doctor Doom removes his mask, reveals his face is no longer disfigured, and laughs with joy. Following numerous incursions across the multiverse, the remains of various realities have been fused together to create a new Battleworld.

Each domain is the incursion point from that reality's destruction, as this is all that remains from each one. All of these realities are known as domains and have the ability to interact with each other, except for three: the Deadlands, Perfection and New Xandar.

These domains are separated from the rest by a giant wall called the Shield because they contain threats that, if set loose, would destroy all the others: zombies , Ultron drones, creatures that make up the Annihilation Wave , and an alternate reality version of Thanos trying to reconstruct the Infinity Gauntlet.

Each domain has an appointed leader called a Baron who runs their domain with permission from God Emperor Doom , the Lord and Messiah of Battleworld. Setchfield's hero Christopher Winter is a different kind of spy, as much Brooke Bond as he is Bond, showing a vulnerability and ordinariness that makes him appealing and sympathetic. With twists, turns and surprises galore you will be truly entertained by this exhilarating debut.

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Nov 13, Charles Haworth rated it really liked it. I very much enjoyed this book.

It is a fast paced cold war style spy thriller with a very alpha male tough guy protagonist - all standard stuff and enjoyable enough. However, it warms up somewhat when he meets something spooky and more spooky things start happening, and before you know where you are demons aplenty walk the Earth and it gets a bit scary.

This reads very much like a Call Of Cthulhu adventure - you can almost hear the Sanity checks being made and the dice rolls fudging as the lead av I very much enjoyed this book. This reads very much like a Call Of Cthulhu adventure - you can almost hear the Sanity checks being made and the dice rolls fudging as the lead avoids near death time after time. It is a good mix of genres and would be very cinematic as the action is near constant and a number of set pieces happen all over Europe. The writing is sometime a little flowery, attempting to sound like Chandler is hard in any form of "noir" is always tough and it could have had less descriptive prose initially, however the plot is great if prone to "saved by the McGuffin" escapes , the characters interesting and the bad guys horrific and intriguing in equal measure.

I shall certainly look forward to further books in this series Jul 31, John Singh rated it really liked it. Christopher Winter is a British intelligence agent at the dawn of the Cold War who is drawn ever further into a world of intrigue that goes way beyond the normal cloak-and-dagger stuff. Nick Setchfield has created a rip-roaring adventure that barrels from one well-realized set piece to the next, a kind of dark and mysterious Indiana Jones-meets-Dan Brown story that gets darker and darker as it goes on, leading Winter into a fantastic and unexpected parallel world in which the Cold War is much more sinister and much more all-consuming than merely a political game between superpowers.

A great debut, and a perfect novel to take along on vacation.

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Nov 18, Travis Hartman rated it really liked it. Christopher Winter is an assassin for the SIS, one of the clandestine units assigned to protect Her Majesty's empire from threats unknown. After a job goes horribly wrong, Christopher finds himself on the run with a mysterious woman named Karina and chased by forces both of this world and not. The writing is crisp and clear, the prose very cinematic, and the plot propels you forward.

Michael A. Martin On The Romulan War And More, Part 1

There's some great action and cool bursts of horror and the twists are well placed. This is clearly set up to be a series and I for one am really looking forward to the next installment. If you're a fan of spy novels and horror novels than you can't miss this one. Highly recommended! Feb 24, Philippa Dakin rated it it was amazing.

The World Before Man: The Biblical Explanation

The main hero, Christopher Winter, is a very likeable character, despite his flaws and his rapport with Karina keeps you intrigued throughout. The setting takes place during the Cold War and I loved all the action taking place throughout Eastern Europe. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys; the Cold War, spy novels and fantasy, as it has a bit of all three to please everyone.

The War In The Dark is a book which mixes a multitude of genres together to give us a high octane dark fantasy. This is a pleasure to read, riveting, fast-paced and the blending of styles does work.


On the downside Christopher Winters is a character sadly lacking in any personality or depth, emotionally or otherwise. The The War In The Dark is a book which mixes a multitude of genres together to give us a high octane dark fantasy. The first 20 or so pages can testify to this. Three people he works with or is familiar to all die within pages of each other, he hardly makes any emotional response. If you can put this aside, then this is an otherwise satisfying read. Nov 24, Deborah rated it liked it Shelves: arc , supernatural , alternate-history.

In an alternate history, the Russians and Brits are engaged in a Cold War. Winter becomes embroiled in the secret war when he goes to assassinate a priest believed to be stealing British secrets and giving them to the Russians. The priest is possessed by a demon, and from there, Winter In an alternate history, the Russians and Brits are engaged in a Cold War.

The priest is possessed by a demon, and from there, Winter runs into more and more demons and magic. In the end, he learns he, himself, has a secret past; that he has already been part of the operations.