STRENGTH: Encouragement and Comfort Through Transition, Trial, and Trouble

Prayers for Strength and Guidance
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I Live It. I Love It. Click to pin this image to Pinterest Source: "Spiritual Whirlwinds". Click to pin this image to Pinterest Source: "Steadfast and Immovable". Click to pin this image to Pinterest Source: "The Witness". Hinckley: Stalwart and Brave He Stands". Click to pin this image to Pinterest Source: "True Beauty". Do it now! All the best in your new future. I went through it too. I firmly believe that Men get off by making us feel less than we are.

Hello CJ. THank you for your comment, but it goes both ways. Many men experience just what you said from their spouse, so all men are not like you say nor are all women like that too. How are you please reply the story you shared has me in tears.

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My wife wants a divorce because I cheat it on her once while I was drunk. Hello Ermilo. I would just pray and perhaps you can talk to your pastor about this too. Ask him and the church to pray for you for your marriage. I would also stop drinking. Tell her that you quit drinking. Drunkness is sin but also hurts others.

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I will pray for you sir. I am so sorry for this pain.

My husband has cheated on me. I have tried to make our marriage work over and over again. There has even been physical abuse. Im so tired…I want out of this failing marriage. I fear I will be harmed if he catches on to the fact that Im trying to quietly walk away from him. Please pray for me.

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[DOWNLOAD] STRENGTH: Encouragement and Comfort Through Transition, Trial, and Trouble by. Casey Kimbrough, Lex Kimbrough. Book file PDF easily for . and read online STRENGTH: Encouragement and Comfort Through Transition, Trial, and Trouble file. PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You.

Hello Maire. Have you talked with your pastor about this? He needs to be in jail according to Romans Even though you have grounds for divorce if he has been cheating repeatedly, being abused is his breaking the law so he needs to sit in jail for this, but I will be glad to pray. Your husband sounds totally lost. Hello I have been married ten years together nine.

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We Seperated because he threathened me and the kids we still tried to,make it work but he was,commuting adultery once that was found out he has been very angry and belittling me. I had surgery lost my job neither case was he there I had to move back with him cause I lost my house. I know hes telling me we have no chance he even told me only a piece of paper holda us together and he whips his but with paper. Even though I know thus is not healthy I live him and want to let go but it seem so hard.

Is there anyone that can hear my cry for help. I feel like my world has crashed. Hello Dorothy. Please call your pastor and see if you both can get counseling. If not, go there yourself, but their must be another woman or man present as you should never meet with a pastor alone. Also, only God can change the human heart Prov , and this man does not sound saved, so please pray for him.

Pray for him, and trust God with the rest. You cannot do this alone. He is in the world and he acts like he hates me.


In so distraught. Its hard to focus on anything. My wife of 28 years left me on March 5th because she said that I was verbally abusive. While I do agree that we argued quite a bit I do not feel that I was verbally abusing her. Most of my frustrations were due to her constantly bringing up issues from the past. Between and up to the time that she left last month, I was constantly trying to convince her that I had changed and that I did love her and wanted our marriage to work.

However no matter what I did or said it was never good enough. I am hurting so bad and I feel so betrayed and lost right now. I just joined a divorce care group and im seeing a therapist to help talk through my emotions. I pray nothing but good prayers for her everyday and I pray that God continues to keep his arms wrapped around both of us during this transition period.

Not going into details. How do you move on from that. He has been texting another woman. We have 3 kids. Please help me. This jyst for found out today.

I feel sick. I need this horrible pain to go away. Jennifer, I understand the pain and sickness you are feeling. My wife admitted her infidelity to me and my heart broke and i felt that physical sickness you are experiencing right now. For almost a year a tortured myself in my own mind, attempting to forgive her, and not being able to.

I wanted to ,for her sake and for my own as the resentment and anger was literally eating me alive. It took me to the point of suicide, until finally I cried out to God with all my heart. I had prayed many times throughout that year for God to take the pain from my heart, and to renew my mind as I would literally picture her cheating on me in my mind over and over, and I had asked the Lord to take it from me, but always with anger or pride infecting my heart and thus my prayer.

But when I was fully broken and to the point where I had tried to take my own life, I cried out humbly and broken and asked the Lord not just to take this from me, but to please teach me how to forgive! The Lord did not bring you this pain, but if you submit yourself totally into His loving care he will deliver you from it.

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And all things, even the worst of things, God can and will use for the greater good bringing glory to His holy name. I asked God to teach me to forgive, but He already had, on the cross. Remember all the grace God has given you already and use the lesson of the life of Jesus Christ to forgive, and in that forgiveness you will find freedom. All glory to God ournfather in heaven. I know the pain you are going through. Lean on the Lord through this, one day things will be better, God will never leave you, he is with you always.. One day you will heal, all will be fine. It know kills me to be around him knowing he hates being there, he looks so unhappy.

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I know a major parts f this is his drinking has taken him away from God, and his friends influence him like he was a teenager. He wants to live a single bachelor life, no worries, no kids, no wife, no one to bug him ever. God bless you take care. Hello Melina and thank you for your comforting message to Jennifer, however, please be sure that the Bible teaches that unless there is adultery, no divorce is permissible, according to the Bible, not my opinion.

Please be careful in suggesting someone divorces over something other than adultery. My wife had an affair for over a year. It was just via text and phone at first then on my birthday she left for Mississippi to stay with this guy for almost 2 weeks. Even after I showed her proof I knew she continued to lie. Our teen daughter is taking it the worst and our two older sons try and give me support but I feel Satan in winning on this one.

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My husband and I have been together for close to 6 years and married for over a year. He has been unfaithful with his ex baby mama and has divorced me.