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Certainly, the circulation of visual themes and decorative systems is widely applicable to paintings from other periods and geographic regions, such as the extensive bodies of evidence from the Bronze Age Aegean and Iron Age Italy and Asia Minor, for example. Artistic themes and decorative systems in Hellenistic visual traditions certainly fit well within the conference scope and have direct links with Romano-Campanian painting.

Integration of research on paintings from other periods and geographic areas perhaps also from outside the Roman Mediterranean world, including ancient cultures in Asia and the Americas, for instance has the potential to inform on a number of levels, most particularly in terms of methodological and theoretical approaches, but also regarding technological and material exchange and regional practices.

Of course, the addition of research on paintings from a wider geographic and chronological base would only augment what is an already substantial collection of research. These observations should not be taken as criticism directed at this volume, which is a commendable compilation of significant depth and breadth, but as suggestions for future directions for AIPMA, in particular, and for the field of ancient painting, in general. Specialists in the field of Roman painting studies will find this volume an invaluable resource.

There is much here also for art historians, archaeologists, conservators, and material scientists interested in various iconographic and technical facets of ancient surface decoration painting, stucco and mosaic. Its use in an undergraduate setting in North American Universities will be challenging, however, because the majority of the papers and posters are not in English.

But at the graduate level the volume is a good starting point for research projects, as solid bibliographies follow each essay and poster presentation. The next congress will be held in Athens in September See N. Zimmermann, S. Wandmalerei in Ephesos von hellenistischer bis in byzantinische Zeit. Wein: Phoibos. This situation is also evidenced in recent monographs on provincial paintings. Barbet et al. Zeugma II. When you register with the SSN you will be given a tessera sanitaria health care card with your registration number and codice fiscale.

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The series of ten volumes two per year between and , general editor: Jean Ferrard will involve unpublished or out of print complete manuscripts, and not excerpts. The musicological value of the collection depends on its detailed historical comments, complete critical reports and a demanding and responsible editorial policy, following the usual high standards of the organ publications of Ut Orpheus, Bologna. Click to enlarge. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Sign In.

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Martin Ebeling. Neela Patel.

Els Van Hul. Pam Olson. Marianna Dioszegi. Charlemagne Lacza.

Wim Wuyts. Jenneke Van Den Ende. Patrick Willems. Auristela F.

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Suvimol Hill. Manuel Bueno. Feliciano J. Paolo Tacconi. Frederik G. Constantine Stratakis. Klaus Lindpaintner. Brian Vickery. Dorothee Foernzler. Wim Van Hul.

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