Idée ditinéraire fluvial - La Volga de Moscou à St-Pétersbourg (French Edition)

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Chabot, Jean-Baptiste, tr.

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See index for Huns and Goths. Charanis, Peter. See St. Pancratius for the same Slavonians. See Setton, cited Adelson.

Russie Croisière fluviale de Moscou à Saint Petersbourg

Charles, Robert Henry, tr. The Chronicle of John of Nikiu. Kuvrat and Heraclius, Charpentier, Jarl. This author also wrote about Pashto, see Acta Orientalia, 7. Chavannes, Edouard. Documents sur les Tou-Kiue Turcs occidentaux. DS 26 C5. DS B5. Christensen, Arthur.

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Die Iranier. Vol 1 of Kulturgeschichte des alten Orients. General editor A. Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft, 3,1,, plus index with separate pagination. Beck, Old Class, Roba has vols , per. Update of edition.

Much more than documents.

Chronicle of Arbela. Guidi, Sachau, Zorell. Hun raids under Peroz. See asia. Commentationes de nummis saeculorum ix-xi in Suecia repertis.

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Have xerox? Conybeare, Frederick Cornwallis. Constantine Porphyrogenitus. De Administrando Imperio. Edited G. Moravcsik and R. Excerpta Historia.

The Huns: Bibliography

Conversio Bagoarium et Caranthanorum. MGH: SS. Esysupp1 for notes, citation in text of article. Cosmas Indicopleustes.

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Christian Topography. See also Anastos. White Huns, see Authors file. Costa-Louillet, G. Luc le Jeune, for Clement of Ohrid. Cozza-Luzi, Giuseppe, ed.

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Peter of Argos. In Nova patrum bibliotheca. Vol 9. Rome, Croke, Brian. DF C7. Croke, Brian, ed. The Chronicle of Marcellinus. Scandinavian promotion, overlooks significance of oriental coins. Chroniques byzantines du manuscrit WCat Anonymus Bruxellensis. Curtin, Philip D. Cross-Cultural Trade in World History. HF C Undergrad, but good foundations. Cyriacus of Ancona []. Also known as Pizzicolli. See Bodnar, Colin, Essen in Crusade.

Editor of Strabo. Curious that the 7th book of Strabo on the Balkans still existed in the days of Eusthatius but had disappeared by the days of Cyriacus. Dagron, Gilbert, ed. Dain, Alphonse. Les manuscrits. Second, revised edition Dandekar, Ramchandra Narajan. The Age of the Guptas and other Essays. Inscriptions in Kharoshthi script start in the mid-third century BC and the most recent are from the period of the Later Kushanas, third-fourth century AD.

The territory covers roughly ancient Gandhara and Turkestan. Origin in Aramaic Script. Danylenko, Andrii. D A1 S Darmesteter, James. DF 10 R4. Le Zend-Avesta. P La Or M, per. Sassanian History. Ephthalites, Notitiae Episcopatuum Ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae. Datema, Cornelis, and Pauline Allen, eds. Leontii Presbyter Constantinopolitani homiliae. David of Thessalonica, St.

AASS June 26, vol 7. Should be dated to Justin II. Dawes, E. Baynes, tr. BX D Delaporte, L.

nikolai piskunov bertrand: Topics by

Les montagnes ukrainiennes restent cependant des accidents marginaux par rapport aux grands espaces des plaines. The Dutch in Java. Expedition to the Corea, In addition, the implementation and delivery capacities of the International Institute for Capacity-Building in Africa IICBA were strengthened with additional human and financial resources. Sources on the Pontic steppe tell us much about the Greek and Iranian city states, built in strategic locations on the Black Sea coast, and along its important rivers, but they supply very little data on the simple, illiterate people of the hinterland with whom the city dwellers traded foodstuffs, furs, slaves, honey, amber from the Baltic shores, etc and who were the source of their own wealth. Similarly, efforts at harnessing the potential of category 2 centres were scaled up, with dedicated strategies and a review of their operational capacity and readiness initiated. Reductions were realized in printing and paper distribution and e-distribution enhanced.

Important but not for the Huns. Delatte, Armand.

HT J3. Delehaye, Hippolyte. Sabae Gothi.